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Solving HP Printer Issues 101!

Solving HP Printer Issues 101!

The world has been working from home and a Hewlett Packard Printer has become synonymous with the word home office.

Solving HP printer issues 101

The world has been working from home and a Hewlett Packard Printer has become synonymous with the word home office. We all have become dependent on our printers to print anything and everything, from official contracts to school and college projects.

Most of the time these HP printers deliver up to standards but sometimes they also need a little of fixing. In this article we try to solve your everyday issues with HP printers. Find your problem from the list and follow the steps to solve the issues immediately.


HP Printer printing too slowly

After a certain point of time your printer might start printing slower than it is supposed to, in this case there are a few operations that you can perform yourself.


  • Factory resetting 

Sometimes the easiest way to fix things is to push the reset button. While your printer is on cut the power supply to it. Let the printer be off for two minutes and then reconnect to power. Start printing your documents and if it still moves at a snail’s pace try another fix.

  • Change your USB

In an event where your printer is connected to the device using a USB cord then try changing your cord, sometimes due to coaxial problems the printer prints slower, a wire might be shielded or on the verge of breaking.

  • Update your driver to latest

Printer drivers are available on the official site of HP. While your printer and device are online download the latest driver for your printer compatible with your Operating System. 

When the driver is downloading do not interrupt the process because if you do it will probably result in worse problems than a slow printer.

  • Cartridge check up

Check if your printer is restricting both the cartridges to work simultaneously, often when only one cartridge is in play it makes the printer slow.  Refill the cartridges if any are empty and check that they’re properly fitted.


HP Printer Troubleshooting


Sometimes when issues like slow printing, color mixing and error codes persist then the best option is to trouble shoot these problems. Hewlett Packard provides its customers with all the troubleshooting 101s to be performed yourself. 

They have listed Troubleshooting methods for paper jams, slow printing, faded prints, to update drivers, and error 50.4.

For the most basic troubleshooting you can download HP scan doctor, but there’s one catch; the software is only compatible with windows.

  • Download the Scan doctor from the official site


  • Run the file from the location of the file

  • Once the wizard starts troubleshooting choose your printer and follow the instructions on screen

  • It will scan and tell you the issue and list the solutions to it.

In case you own a Mac then you can troubleshoot according to your issue, find the troubleshooting steps on the official site. You can visit the troubleshooting site at: https://iguruservices.com/support/hp-printer-assistant/

HP Printer Support Assistant

To connect to support in case your printer issues continue to persist after all these steps and troubleshooting, you can log on to their official site. On the site you can navigate through other diagnostic solutions and tools.

You can also check if your printer is still covered by the product warranty. You can find product manuals for your printer in case you lost yours; you just have to type in the model number.

You can also contact an HP Printer Support Phone Number in case you are lost as to how to solve your issues.

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